5 Best Water Cooler Dispensers Reviewed of 2018

You can water dispensers both at home and offices to get cold and hot water. While buying a water cooler dispenser, you will have to consider different things including type, features, price and a lot of other things to ensure an improved performance and a durable result. In this article, we will focus on all the important factors including the review of best water cooler dispensers of 2018.

What are the types?

You will find two main types: top loading and bottom loading. Bottom loading is a great choice both for home and office. As the water jug is installed on the bottom, the water filling will be easy and convenient. For top loading, you might need effort for filling water. Besides, the look will be different. When the top loading will offer a traditional look, bottom loading will be more stylish.

Which features are essential?

You need to go through the temperature setting and loading. You will have to understand the setting to ensure that you are able to use it properly. There will be different options in setting to offer both cool and hot water. In addition, these machines come with a child lock to prevent any accident.

Five best water cooler dispersers review

Whirlpool Bottom load

If you want a self-cleaning dispenser, you should think of this particular option. It comes with 6th sense technology and utilizes unstable oxygen to kill bacteria and viruses to offer you safe and healthy water. The stainless steel material, edge design, sophisticated, and sleek look make it a good option for offices. It can boost the curb appeal of your office without hurting your budget.


6th sense self-cleaning.

LED lights to know water condition.

Durable and quality construction.

You will get 9 F cold water.

Hot water is ideal for coffee or tea.

Water jug can hold three or five-gallon water.


The stains and fingerprints will be visible due to the stainless material.

You will not be able to get room temperature water.

NewAir Bottom Load

NewAir Bottom Load comes with a lot of improved features including BPA fee, Energy star rated, and NSF certified. It has indicator lights and child safety lock. Besides, you will love the color and finishing that make it a good addition to any modern home.


BPA free materials.

Cold water temperature 39F & hot water 185F.

Red lights signal for the jug replacement.

Lightweight that weighs 35lbs.

Energy efficient and powerful compressor.

Energy star rated.


A bit noisy.

Avalon Top Load

Avalon Top Load will be ideal for your home, especially for the restricted spaces. It will offer both cold and hold water. It will have a child lock to protect your kids from burn and accidents. You can prepare your tea and cup of cocoa with this dispenser.


Best for the homes.


Energy star rated.

Holds three to five gallon of water.

Cold up to 47 F and hot up to 167 F.


Water can flip on top in the case of overloading.

Clover Top Load

This dispenser is made of the stainless steel material to offer a durable result. You can also adjust the water thermostat and can make cold water up to 53 F. The hot water will be constant 185F. Clover Top Load is Energy star rated and meets the guidelines of EPA. Moreover, you can get hot water even when the switch is off that will save your energy bill.


Lightweight and weighs 32 lbs.

One year warranty.

Child Lock to prevent any accident.

Quality material.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Adjustable water temperature for cold water.


Exposed water jug.

Glacial Bottom Load

Glacial Bottom Load can meet your different needs. It will offer clean water and will also use unstable oxygen to kill viruses and bacteria. It comes with self-cleaning as well. Besides, there will be Glacial Chill technology to keep the water cool just above the freezing mark. You will love the edgy design and sophisticated look. It can be ideal for your office.


Self-cleaning and hidden jug.

Hot water for tea or coffee and cool water just above freezing.

One year warranty.

Easy to install jugs.

Holds three to five-gallon waters.

Use thirty times less energy that will save your money.


A bit loud.

Things to consider

You will have to consider the brand, price, usability, and durability. Besides, you need to choose the right type depending on your requirement. There are three types of dispenser: top loading, bottom loading, and countertop water dispenser. You also need to check the size of jug and dispenser to ensure that you are buying the correct product. Besides, you can consider the followings.


Before buying a dispenser, you should know your space restriction if you have any. Make sure that the installation will be easy.


The next thing is the price. You should decide your price before choosing one and you should not exceed your budget. You can go through the features and benefits to buy a good product at an affordable price.

Water temperature

You should understand the temperature setting to ensure that the dispenser is able to meet your specific needs.

Tips for maintenance

Unplug your dispenser.

Remove the water guard. Hold it from both sides to pull cooler and to clean the build-ups with warm water and dish soap.

Rinse it thoroughly and dry it well with a towel.

Make a solution of two tablespoons of baking soda and one cup water to rinse the reservoir. Rinse it many times.

Replace the guard.


Now you might have a proper idea about water cooler dispensers, benefits, and usages. You also know how to maintain it to ensure the longevity and to improve the performance. Instead of relying on self-cleaning, you need to clean it occasionally to get clean and safe water.

When it comes to the best one, all the five products are good in terms of quality, performance, and usability. You just need to understand your requirements to know which one is able to serve your interests best. Besides, you need to go through the features and benefits to make sure that you are buying the best product to use for a long time.


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