The Best Bottom Loading Water Dispensers

Everyone’s favorite office hangout place, water dispensers are more than just a convenient
device. As important as they are, sometimes it’s hard to use them at their full
capacity: they may be heavy, hard to get a grip on and many people don’t know
the many customization and options they have. Water dispensers evolved far
beyond a few buttons and knobs, and on this article we’ll tell you which are
the best devices to have both the smoothest office talk and coffees while

1. Primo B150 Effortless Bottom Load Water Dispenser – Free Standing Hot and Cold

One can tell only by looking at it that it’s a premium device. Primo Water is black,
sleek and 41 inches high: unlike those stereotypical white dispensers, its
high-end design comes ready to blend in the finest offices giving you the
sensation to be working on a top designer’s office. With this simple and
minimalist design, Primo B150 it’s not just beautiful, but also light: with its
16 pounds weighing, it gives you the versatility to move it freely through the
office without breaking your back. Be ready to chase this beautiful dispenser
around everybody’s cubicle: no one will like to be apart from it!

Besides, it’s effortless not only on its weight, but also on its water branding
partnership: you may use whatever you choose, since it doesn’t force you to
choose between one or another, which means you can satisfy your thirst however
you want to. Another fine -and healthy- detail: have you ever seen those nasty
stains on the end of the water pipes that most dispensers have? That’s a
problem you definitely won’t have with this dispenser. Primo is also certified
BPA-free, so you can be sure that every part of the dispenser –including the
premium internal stainless steel water reservoir- will be safe in every way,
preventing bacteria growth all over it.


Adjustable cavity.

– Sleek and smooth design.

– Small size and light weight, it allows you to move it to your convenience.

– Water bottles are extremely easy to replace: you put the jug in the bottom and
you’re ready to go.


– While it’s true that once you go black you never go back, it doesn’t offer color
choices, so it might not blend in with the environment.

– Doesn’t have an adjustable thermostat.

– It doesn’t have a mild water option, so if you want room temperature water
you must turn off either one of hot or cold water buttons.

2. Hamilton Beach BL-1-4A

Hamilton Beach products claims to be “thoughtfully designed to make your life easier”
and boy, they do deliver their promise. It’s easy in every conceivable way. It
has push-buttons to control the desired temperature, be it hot, cold or mild,
so gone are those days of mixing “a bit of cold and a lot of hot water” or vice
versa. You can decide if you want a blistering hot soup or a brain-freezing
chill glass of water. This dispenser
requires no filters and also includes a removable dishwasher spill tray, so you
can clean it with no complications at all.

More importantly, the water bottle remains hidden, incorporating a sophisticated and
elegant design. But you may be thinking: “And how will I know when I’m about to
run out of water?”. Fear not: it has a neat flashing indicator light that warns
you. Hamilton Beach truly thinks of you in every step of the way, since not
only the jug is hidden from sight, but also has a simple and quick installation
feature, whose low height location makes it amazingly simple to move it and be
ready to go in just a few seconds.

Another important feature is that you won’t be afraid on “bring your child to work”
days: Hamilton Beach also cares about the little ones, and installed on the
BL-1-4A a built-in child safety lock, which prevents child access to hot water.
Pun intended: how cool is that?


– No filters needed at all.

– Energy Star and ETL certified, so it doesn’t waste energy.

– Built-in safety lock that prevents children from burning with hold water.

– Three options: hot, mild and cold water.


– It has a design flaw: Hamilton Beach itself acknowledges that the bottom door includes a
stainless steel panel that can be scratched during shipping. To prevent that,
it comes with a blue static film that has to be removed prior to using.

– Some users report that it fails to check when it’s done filling, that causes
water to spill out.

– Jug installment has its tricks: if it’s not done properly water pressure may
fail, suction become loose and leak out.

3. Honeywell HWB1033W Cabinet

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an actual honey well, where you could have all-day access to
that amazing nectar? Even when we’re still far from that, this cabinet brings
you something as sweet as that: a dispenser that will never let you run out of
options. Just hit red for hot, blue for cold or green for mild and you’ll be
immediately ready to taste the beverage of your choice, at the desired

With 40 inches in height and 13 inches wide, it has a heating capacity of 5 liters per
hour –up to a scorching 194� F- and a
cooling capacity of 2 liters per hour –up to a freezing 50� F-. Its white
design lets it blend in perfectly with the rest of the office and household

While it doesn’t have stainless steel or chrome features on it’s body, it is available
where it’s needed the most: the water tank that provides the clean drinking
water, which is located on a low location, so forget about that clumsy look on
your face when you try to lift a heavy bottle to replace an old one with the
new. Smart, easy and full of options: that’s the way to go.


– ETL Certified.

– It has a spill proof cap, so you won’t make a mess while replacing jugs.

– Child safety lock incorporated.

– The storage cavity is a bit larger than needed. It provides flexibility for
different bottle sizes, which you can actually use to store some things other
than water.


– It comes only in white, so you have to stick with that.

– While it has the ETL Certification, the hot water heater runs constantly. You
can turn it off and on whenever you want to, but you shouldn’t have to.

– It has no light indication to show you when you’re about to run out of water.

4. Whirlpool Self Cleaning

We are in 2018, the third millennia, the age of technology. This is the dispenser that
upholds that principles like no other: gone are the days of cleaning, gone are
the days of energetic waste. As its name says, this dispenser is self-cleaning,
that means that you won’t have to move a finger in order to have the cleanest
device possible.

And as for the energetic waste, Whirpool reminds us sustainability is extremely important,
so it incorporates a 6th Sense Technology that uses unstable oxygen
to kill all bacteria and viruses in the water. It doesn’t stop there: this
state-of-the-art dispenser also has a significant energy saving with an
exclusive technology that allows its compressor to turn on and off less
frequently than others. And how does it work? Amazingly: the cold water remains
that way by being constantly surrounded by a block of ice, and the hot water is
kept steaming at all times.

But these features are not included on an ugly dispenser: Whirpool gives us this full
steel and nickel eye candy. It has a stainless steel look, a solid steel frame
that can hold up to 300 lbs of top weight and unbreakable water faucets. On top
of that, the LED indicators lets you know everything you need to: when the
dispenser is doing its self-cleaning job and when the water are at cold and hot
optimal temperatures. What else can you ask for?


– You don’t have to clean it: it does it on its own.

– It has LED indications for pretty much everything: when it’s self-cleaning
and when the water is coldest and hottest.

– It is indestructible: it holds up to 300 lbs. on its top and the taps can’t
be broken.

– It has state-of-the-art technology that provides you the cleanest and safest
water possible, while saving energy.


– Everything comes at a price, and this one is a bit high.

– You have literally two choices: lava-like water or almost frozen water.
Nothing in between.

– Some users have reported that its noisy while cooling water.

5. Avalon Bottom Loading

This is the dispenser that King Arthur and their Knights of the Round Table would have used
if they have existed in this modern age. Sophisticated and elegant, Avalon has
black and chromed terminations that truly outshines all others. And if this
doesn’t shine enough, the built-in nightlight does the trick, helping you to
pour water on those dark nights when you just have to stay late at work.

This dispenser is perfectly suited to fit in both an office or a home environment,
since it also has a child safety lock that prevents undesired hot water
pouring. But Avalon doesn’t just give you boiling hot water: it also offers
crisp cold and room temperature water, which can easily be poured upon the
recipient of your choice, since it has an extremely easy to use set of taps.

With its 45,5 inches of height and 16,5 inches of width, Avalon is a hard-to-miss
dispenser, that would make things easier anywhere it is located on. And of
course, that sense of easiness is empowered by the bottom-reservoir, that
doesn’t force you to lift a single finger to replace the water bottles. Easy,
well illuminated and classy, Avalon has something for everyone.


– The night light makes it classy and easy.

– It allows you to turn off the heater if you won’t be using it for hot water.

– Energy Star approved.

– Built-in child safety lock.


– It has to be cleaned up constantly, or else the water will start to taste a bit funny.

– Some users have reported that they’d like the hot water to be hotter.

– There have also been reports that taps stopped working after a couple of
months, but it should also be noted that Avalon’s response and customer service
was effective, highly responsive and took care of it swiftly.

As you can see from this list, there’s something for everyone: at home, at work or
wherever you want to, there’s no way you’ll run dry of clean and safe water.
With all these options you can make the finest decision to help you improve
your lifestyle with both class and easiness. A toast for the dispenser, our
coolest and hottest friend!


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